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From www. Important Tips For Solve Your Relationship Problem Get tips for love marriage solutions and husband wife problem solutions with pandit Love marriage solution - Get love marriage solution and solve love marriage problems in no time with help of love specialist Pt. Pawan Sharma. Pawan Sharma is the best astrologer in India.

Experience an accurate consultation from the best astrologer in India.

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Sri Balaji Astro Center : Astrologer Pandit Pavan Sharma Guruji

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  6. They need to chew it slowly like a cow. This is really good for the body and brain. If you have too much of Pitta too much acidity , then drink some cold milk slowly. It will help your acidity. Another remedy is to take 2 spoons of amla juice with the same amount of mishri and drink that slowly.

    Eating some ghee mixed in with some lukewarm milk gets rid of constipation and extra heat in the stomach. To get rid of debt and get wealthy: do this chant "Govvalbhaya Svaha" - when you complete thousand chants, then you will see changes in your financial situation. If your stomach doesn't feel good after lifting some heavy weight. Sit down and gently start banging the soles of your feet.

    Your stomach will start getting better soon. If you're feeling weakness in the mind memory problems etc. If you have a headache , break down nutmeg and mix in some cow's milk. Apply the paste on your forehead. If you do this everyday, twice a day, then your head ache will eventually go away completely. If you have cracked heels , make a paste from onion and apply that for relief in days.

    Alternatively, take pure wax and add some mustard seed oil and apply that for quick relief too. If you have spots on your face , then putting mint juice on them will gradually get rid of the spots. Take some dried out orange peels, add them to milk and turn them into a paste - then use them as a face mask.

    Belief of astrologer Pawan Sharma:

    You will see the glow on your face after you wash it off. Some people f eel very cold all the time even in hot weather. Such people should take some ajwain in any form - add it to your flour or take it with water. They should eat less of yoghurt and rice or they will either put on too much fat or will become too thin. If some work that you had been doing for a while now has come to an end, then get ready for some change. Start eating walnuts regularly. If you suffer some pain in between your neck and back, start working on your self-confidence.

    It will help get rid of your pain faster.