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Horoscope: March 03 First place of any interest touched upon was Mona, free bitcoin mining hack? Like your water friends Pisces and Cancer dear Scorpio this You of all zodiac signs will have the most intense love horoscopes during this period my dear Pisces.

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HOROSCOP BERBEC Between the ages of 16 and 17 February in the evening, domestic mental, family connection can be deeper tired, sometimes making difficult choices such as "family or office", "I or my parents," "job or fortune" On the other hand, the socio-professional contributions are shown inadvertently in relationships with parents and in the delivery of key interests.

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Horoscope Between 17 February, after On 18 February, Kiron will insert the Aries signature, a sign that will go regularly until June and will voluntarily leave after a period ending April 17, Horoscope Early personal attempts, but also the opportunity to make legs and boundaries, depending on the extent to which they reach the understanding of life lessons.

Horoscop saptaminal bascalie. Horoscop urania 3 9 decembrie It is better to safeguard valuables and other essential belongings at a secure place. Pisces Dates of Birth. RinaTV - The funniest videos. Horoscop saptamanal virgo noiembrie? Recent Posts. Scenarios with your spouse, partner or ex it's been a burn-out couple of years take a turn for the better after June, when hard-hearted Saturn gets off your case for another seven years or so. The same planet's shift will also get you off the hook with any authority figures that have been terrorising your life for the last year.

Before then, in April and May, when planets light up your party zone, you enjoy a spell when a rich social life spills into your lap without you having to do the chasing - you do, however, have to leave the house to make the most of it. Since you are at one corner of a fiery cosmic triad at this time, triangular affairs are a potential hazard.

August, when your fellow fire sign of Leo is at maximum strength, is another romantic hotspot.

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Shortly afterwards, your helpful Jupiter ruler shifts to the peak of your chart to present you with the kind of lucky professional break that comes along only every dozen years. Some inkling of where your career future lies may arrive as early as March. Centaurs born in the earliest few days of the sign are those most likely to have lightbulbs flashing over their heads.

Home and family are an issue given unusual emphasis in all Archers' 'scopes during the latter half of the year, as Mars moves in the builders, turns up the din from the family and has you trading blows with the neighbours about that damn Leylandii hedge. Take it as easy as circumstances allow.

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Your birthday season, which opens with a total eclipse of the Sun on 23 November, is unusually fervent. With the perspective for which your sign is celebrated in place, you can transform your personal, and more particularly your professional life, as ruthlessly as you care to. The Goat is above all a child of Saturn - cautious, pragmatic conservative - but even you are not immune from the contrary moods of your ruling planet. Since your austere ruler is currently sliding backwards in your sixth house, the daily grind remains, temporarily, pressing.

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Get through to February, however, and the world of work by which you set so much store it's tantamount to honour and duty in your case becomes once more the vehicle through which you can exercise your formidable will. Springtime is exactly that for you. Venus lightens your load in March, while in April and May fiery Mars enables you to scare your colleagues and impress your lovers. May also brings the chance to optimise your financial situation. Though Capricorns worry when they're down to their last million, your fiscal portfolio remains unusually buoyant throughout spring and summer.

Your relationship scenario is more complex.

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Planets sparking across the most confidential sectors of your 'scope have made recent months a time of deepening intimacy, touching on the place where sex, divinity and the human spirit get intriguingly entangled. Alliances, romantic or not, that do not nourish and support you, will begin to fall by the wayside after midsummer. Sentimentality, after all, is not a Capricorn vice. While control remains your guiding principle in life, you will need to confront the reality that other people cannot always be coerced into doing the sensible ie your thing.

Making clear the parameters of your relationships - what both parties expect - is one way to keep things in balance. Since Saturn is your ruling planet, other problems associated with the planet - authority figures, for example - are diminished.

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As a Cap, you probably are an authority figure. Nonetheless, if you were born in the winters of or , best keep an especially clean nose at work. Other planetary signatures are easier. In autumn, Jupiter lends you vision, optimism, and locates long lost lovers in distant corners of the planet, perhaps throwing in an air ticket to India for good measure. The close of the year grants you a career break for which Mars may have kept you on hold for several months.

Since you are an earth sign, the year's oceanic leitmotif chimes sympathetically. Your symbol is sometimes shown as the Sea Goat - half beast, half fish - a reminder that Capricorn is not merely the hard-hearted climber of repute, but a creature in the swim of human tides, who achieves to support the greater good. Carry that weight.

You may be the Urn-Bearer, but that pitcher of human compassion on your shoulder doesn't make you a water sign.

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Heavens no. Aquarius is all air, the lofty theoretician with the plan that will solve everyone's problems. Jolly good - but for much of the last 12 months it's the practicalities of human relationships, rather than the theory, which have confronted your sign. Saturn's long transit of your fifth house has been about obligations to and from your romantic partners, and about the mundane arrangements of love affairs, rather than the rosey-hued aspects of lu-u-rve.